AdminLTE can be downloaded in two different versions, each appealing to different skill levels and use case.


Compiled and ready to use in production. Download this version if you don't want to customize AdminLTE's LESS files.


Source Code

All files including the compiled CSS. Download this version if you plan on customizing the template. Requires a LESS compiler.

File Hierarchy of the Source Code Package

├── dist/
│   ├── CSS/
│   ├── JS
│   ├── img
├── build/
│   ├── less/
│   │   ├── AdminLTE's Less files
│   └── Bootstrap-less/ (Only for reference. No modifications have been made)
│       ├── mixins/
│       ├── variables.less
│       ├── mixins.less
└── plugins/
    ├── All the customized plugins CSS and JS files